Rakeback Offers

Poker room Bonus Rakeback Bonus code
1. 32Red Poker32Red Poker
100% $1,000 30%
2. Americas CardroomAmericas Cardroom
Winning Poker
100% $1,000 27%
3. PokerTimePokerTime
100% $300 30%
4. Poker HeavenPoker Heaven
IPN/Boss Media
100% €250 30%
5. Power PokerPower Poker
Cake Poker
110% $600 36%

Cashback Offers

Poker room Bonus Cashback Bonus code
1. Poker HostPoker Host
Merge Poker Network
200% $5,000 10-35%
2. BestPokerBestPoker
Ongame Poker Poker
100% $2,000 8-40%
3. LuckyAcePoker LuckyAcePoker
888Poker Network
100% $400 2-36%
4. 888Poker 888Poker
888Poker Network
100% $400 2-36%
5. RedKings PokerRedKings Poker
Ongame Poker Network
100% $2,500 8-40%

What is rake?

Rake is the commission taken by the online poker rooms when you are playing a poker game, if the pot is exceeding a specific amount of money. The best poker rooms are taking usually a maximum of 5% rake at the poker tables. This rake allows the poker sites to offer poker promotions, deposit bonuses and first of all to be profitable. For example if you have a winning hand and the pot is $1, you pay usually 5 cents to the room.

If you are playing a lot of poker, the rake can be a significant amount that you are paying to the poker rooms.

What is rakeback?

Rakeback is some kind of bonus offered by the online poker rooms through some poker related websites, just like rakeracer.com. It is a refund to you if you are playing poker, and if you are generating a specific amount of rake at the poker room. The amount of rakeback is usually 25-30% of a percentage, but you can get up to higher rakeback percentage at specific poker rooms, and even more if you are playing in a rake race too.

What is the difference between dealt and contributed methods?

Dealt rake is a rake system, where as long as you were dealt cards, you will have your share of the actual generated rake in the pot. Contributed rake is a rake system, where the distribution of the generated rake will be determined by your actual contribution to the pot.

What is cashback?

You can find some poker rooms that are offering cashback, valueback or loyalty bonus offers. These promotions are some kind of rakeback too and are labelled with VB (valueback), CB (cashback) or VIP (loyalty program) here at rakeracer.com.

How can I get rakeback or cashback?

You can get rakeback or cashback if you register a real money account at one of the poker rooms listed here at rakeracer.com and if you play poker at this poker rooms. Registering is quite simple. You should click on one of our banners or text links.

What is a rake race?

A rake race is a promotion some kind of competition organized by poker websites, poker rooms or even by a complete poker network. As mentioned earlier you generate rake by playing poker at the poker rooms. In these competitions your aim is to generate as many rake as you can, collect as many poker points or as many hands as you can or reach a certain amount of rake or points as soon as you can depending on the type of the rake race you play. A rake race is usually a monthly, but always a time based event.

What kind of rake race types can I find?

There are a lot of rake race types, but the most common rake races are:

  • - rake race: this kind of rake race is based on contribution, so your final position on the rake race leaderboard will be determined by the amount of the rake you have generated. Your aim is to generate as many rake in the given period as you can. A rake race is optimal for players who are playing on higher levels.
  • - raked hand race: this kind of rake race is based on volume, so your final position on the raked hand race leaderboard will be determined by the number of raked hands you have played in the given period. The amount of rake is not important. Raked hand races are optimal for players who play a lot of poker and this kind of race is optimal for low stakes players too.
  • - points race: this kind of race is very similar to a rake race, but this time you have to collect as many point as you can. Points are usually awarded by the poker rooms for generating rake.

Why should I participate in a rake race?

By participating in a rake race and getting rakeback too will absolutely maximize your poker profits by earning some extra money. A rake race is paying for hundreds of competitors, so even if you are a micro limit cash game player you can still be awarded with huge prizes.

What is the best rake race strategy?

First of all you should learn how to play multi-table online poker. It is necessary becouse if you are playing at more then one tables you can generate more rake. You should use a poker tracking software like Poker Tracker or Holdem Manager. These tracking softwares will help you by playing multi-table, will help you to choose right decisions. Watch out to choose a rake race where the number of possible competitors is low. You can do this by checking the usual number of players playing at the specific poker room, and by checking the rake race leaderboards.

How should I choose a rake race?

You should consider the prize pool amount of the rake race and as mentioned earlier the number of competitors. You can do this by checking the previous months results (the leaderboard), where you can find how many rake, raked hand or poker points other players generated.

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